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Also there were Phoenix’s brother, Joaquin, and sister Rain; his girlfriend Samantha Mathis; Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea, also a close friend; and Depp.As soon as Phoenix and Frusciante arrived, Forrest writes, cocaine was passed around. “River was obviously wasted and was as unsteady as a boxer who had taken one too many headshots during a fifteen-round bout,” Forrest writes. I think I’m OD’ing.” Forrest writes that Phoenix got a second wind and waded back into the crowd. When the EMTs arrived, Forrest writes, Phoenix was still alive, and Flea jumped in the ambulance for the ride to Cedars-Sinai Hospital. This Halloween marks the 20th anniversary of River Phoenix’s shocking overdose at Johnny Depp’s LA nightclub.Now one of the last people to see Phoenix alive that night recounts what happened.At that moment, he writes, he knew that Phoenix was dead.Forrest called Depp, who asked, “How’s your friend?

But the theatre in New York is unusually full when the young Californians materialise beneath hazy stage lighting and begin to weave their peculiar magic.“[River] stayed with John for the next few days, and probably didn’t get a minute of sleep,” Forrest writes.